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Ny Art Exhibit Depicts Kim Kardashian As Jesus, Virgin Mary

Kim The exhibit, entitled "The Passion of Kim Kardashian," was created by 23-year-old artist Hannah Kunkle and was recently shown for one night at the Palisades 906 venue in the Bushwick area of Brooklyn. Kunkle created a series of photoshopped images, each one portraying Kardashian as a god of a different religion. One of the portraits shows Kardashian as the Virgin Mary, wearing a blue robe and surrounded by blue roses as a halo hovers over her head. Another piece of work shows Kardashian as Jesus, wearing a crown of thorns in front of a cross backdrop, surrounded by lambs and doves. A third creation shows Kardashian as a Hindu goddess, surrounded by lions and snakes. Kunkle told multiple media outlets that she has a fascination with Kardashian as a pop culture icon.

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