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The Burning Questions Of 2014

One will test the http://phototube.co/profiles/blog/list?tag=hdtv few restrictions on political spending that remain after the historic Citizens United decision, while the second will decide whether corporate personhood includes an employers right to impose religious restrictions on employees. Both cases could further tilt the playing field toward the one percent, a field that is already almost perpendicular. Thomas Edsall, political analyst-author and Columbia University journalism professor, wants to know the primary and general election outcomes of Sen. Mitch McConnells (R-Ky.) re-election campaign. He also wants to know the percentage of the vote Wendy Davis, a Democratic candidate for governor in Texas, will get as a measure of how far Democrats must go to be competitive in that state. Finally, how might President Obama respond if the GOP browse manages to recapture the U.S. Senate?
Full story: http://www.nydailynews.com/opinion/burning-questions-2014-article-1.1565845

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