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Devastated Ray J Seeks Solace In The Arms Of Sister Brandy After Discovering Missed Calls From Lover Whitney Houston Just Hours Before Her Tragic Death

Tribute: Ne-Yo, pictured with Black Eyed Peas stars Will.I.Am <a href=united states (L) and Apl de Ap (R), honoured Whitney at his review event and the guests were seen dancing and singing along to some of her classic hits, which blasted through the speakers' style='float:left;padding:5px' /> The event took place at the Supperclub in Hollywood, and saw Carmen Electra, Elijah Kelley, Pia Toscano and KeKe Palmer. Will.i.am and Estelle were also in attendance at the event, while many visit site guests including Shaggy and J.Cole reportedly opted to skip the red carpet and head straight inside. It has been reported by Billboard that the party saw its attendees dance and sing along to Whitneys classic hits throughout the night, which blasted through the speakers as a tribute to the memory of the pop diva. Ne-Yo told the website: The wonderful thing about Whitney Houston was she was the kind of person that you could not keep down. She went through bumps and bruises in her career, in her life, whatever the case may be. That's human, everybody goes through it, but it's not about the fall - it's about the get back up. That's what Whitney Houston was about, the get-back-up. So even in this situation she wouldn't want us to be sad right now, she would want us to celebrate the great thing that her life was as well, as opposed to mourning her death. Whitney drowned alone in a bathtub having accidentally overdosed on a cocktail of prescription drugs and alcohol after two back-to-back evenings of out-of-control binges, it has been claimed.
Full story: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2100298/Ray-J-Beverly-Hilton-Whitney-Houstons-boyfriend-seeks-solace-sister-Brandys-arms.html

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