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Best Friends Forever: Selena Gomez Supported Demi Lovato Through Rehab

"I grew up with Demi, I've known her since I was seven...we've had our distance and resource we've had our moments, but she's one person that I will always love and Farrah Abraham tape she'll always have a place in my heart," stated Gomez. While Demi was obviously absent at Selena's birthday party, the two have hung out more constantly these past few days. The two have managed to keep their friendship stronger thanks to Demi's fall from grace. "Lovatics" may recall that she had gone through rehab. Thankfully, Lovato see here had Selena to lean on through such trying times. Must Read Android 4.4.1 KOT49E KitKat Update Available for Nexus 10 [How to Install] Sponsorship Link "Thankfully my family and friends supported me in rehab and everything I went through.
Full story: http://au.ibtimes.com/articles/529490/20131212/selena-gomez-demi-lovato-semi-bffs-disney.htm

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